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Welcome to

California Yu Foods
Presented by Golden State Food, LLC.


California Yu Foods is a family owned farming operation, located in Orosi, California. Yu's family is the first generation walnut farmer. Our goal is to decicate our love to grow quality walnuts and bring the fresh and tasty walnuts from our farm directly to your home. 


Walnuts = Feed your Brain, Keep your heart healthier ! 


We welcome you to visit us and take a tour in our peaceful walnut orchard!


Chris & Johanna & Colin Yu

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

California Yu Foods

Email: chris@CaliforniaYuFoods.com
Office: (559) 528-2806
Fax: (559) 528-2807

California Yu Foods
40897 Road 120
Orosi, CA 93647

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